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Wood Milling

The milling is the removal of portions of wood by means of a rotary tool. In this way it is possible to obtain, from the piece of raw wood, different shapes or requested mouldings which can be grooves, rounding or any other type of design.

Torneria Friuli Piani has machinery for milling with an almost unlimited capacity for achieving different shapes on the wood. In addition to this, with a work program, the machine is able to perform different shaping, drilling and cutting processes and much more.

Once good wood milling has been achieved, Torneria Friuli Piani has modern CNC milling machines equipped with engines that operate at high speed and with the whole process computerised. These innovative machines enable raw wood to be transformed into pieces finished with the highest quality standards.

Milling and artistic decoration of wood are processes that give great satisfaction and ensure a striking aesthetic impact.

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