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CNC Wood Working Systems

Torneria Friuli Piani has advanced CNC systems which mean it can meet the needs of small, medium and large series.

CNC wood working makes it possible to achieve the highest quality standards, offering the customer a finished product unique in its style.

Digital control is the operating principle of the CNC machine; it is essentially based on the editing of a program using agreed symbols, thus replacing the performance of an operator in the woodworking. The manoeuvres, a programme of work, are controlled by electronic devices designed to run at an appropriate time, in a sequential manner and with the utmost precision.

Programming CNC Machining

The set of instructions is a program for the processing of wood.

The most popular languages suitable for Computer Numerical Control (CNC) are made up of symbols, letters and numbers. CNC woodworking programs can be made adopting manual, semi-automatic or automatic methods.

Manual programming is used in the operations of turning, drilling and milling of the wood, common operations of linear, circular or contouring interpolations in the plan.

Automatic programming of CNC machining, however, is used in the machining of complex surfaces, special curves and complicated or flushes with macros.

Before being used in production, it is appropriate to use a simulator that highlights mistakes without causing any damage.

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