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Work and production of Furniture Components

For 50 years, Torneria Friuli has stood by customers, investing in research and providing innovative solutions in the field of furniture components. In order to meet the needs of individual customers, in addition to the standard production, the company designs and manufactures customised furniture components.

The staff is composed of 15 members with established professional experience who specialise in offering high quality furniture components together with a fast and efficient service.

All types of wood are used as materials in the production of components for furniture which can be transformed into any shape from a simple design. The uniqueness of wood lies in its versatility, thanks to which it can be worked, engraved, shaped in any way creating unique furniture components to be included in environments of both classical and modern styles.

Torneria Friuli produces various components for wooden furniture including legs and backs for chairs, armrests for armchairs, table bases, columns for decoration and architecture, shaped parts for furniture in general.

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